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About EV

By 2030, the number of electric vehicles on the road are projected to be 7.7 million. Therefore the number of EV charging points available across the UK needs to rapidly increase to keep up with the growing demand.

It is no secret that the electric vehicle market is booming with 14.4% of new UK car registrations in the year to date (June 2022) being full electric vehicles. Additionally, the SMMT statistics for June 2022 show a year to date decrease in diesel vehicle sales -50.6%, petrol vehicles sales -20.7% whilst BEV (battery electric vehicles) show an increase in sales by some 56%*

With the trajectory of electric vehicle sales it is important to then consider the implementation of their charging point, which is where we can help.


Typical Charging Types

7kW Charging

full charge from 20% in 6 hours

7 kW is a single-phase fast charging solution, majorly used due to the compatibility across most vehicles and affordability. The 7kW option is a great introduction to commercial charging due to the inexpensive installation especially considering the instant value it adds to each and every site.

22kW Charging

full charge from 20% in 2 hours

22kW chargers use a three phase electrical system to create a fast charging experience for your vehicle.  22 kW chargers are most frequently used in commercial settings and are an ideal installation for workplace charging where an array can be installed, designed within the buildings electrical supply.

50kW Charging

0-80% in under 30 minutes

50kW chargers use direct current (DC) from a dedicated charging unit using a tethered cable equipped with a non-removable connector. This direct current allows for charging so rapid that 50 kW chargers can take your vehicle from 0-80% in under 30 minutes.

We offer an easy installation experience, which is tailored to your company’s specific needs. We work with a large range of EV charging suppliers to insure each client receives well suited, state of the art EV chargers installed to best benefit their company.

With the trajectory of electric vehicle sales it is important to then consider the implementation of their charging point, which is where we can help.

We want to make EV charging widely accessible and available at every point of the journey

When deciding what kind of charging point to install it is important to consider the consumer and what the overall charging needs of them, look like. For instance, a motorway service station would require 50KW chargers or perhaps a mix of 50KW and 22KW due to the varying time periods people spend there. On the other hand, a shopping centre would most likely want to install 7KW chargers as the longer charging time encourages customers to spend more time in the shopping centre thus spending more money.

case studies

Waitrose, St Katherines Dock

We are proud to say we are a part of a monumental development in the supermarket delivery industry. At the end of 2021 we installed electric charging points for the Ecomm Depot at Waitrose, St Katherines Dock after their decision to trial entirely electric delivery across all vehicles at this location. Using the technologies of Momentum Dynamics and Flexible Power Systems, our team implemented wireless charging pads where the delivery van simply parks and charges, like flat charging plates for mobile phones. This project has opened the floodgates of possibilities for all delivery services, and we look forward to seeing and being part of what comes next.

Case studies

Paul Earl Head Office

Paul Earl have installed five 22Kw and two 7.4Kw electric vehicle charging points at offices in Sussex. The chargers selected are Easee, which offer full control over load curtailment and smart management between three phase and single power draw. This was important at this location due to the limited supply capacity available. A dedicated EVC distribution board along with PEN detection / disconnection was installed as safety is critical to all of our designs. The Easee chargers also come with back end office management, which allows the client to view the chargers in real time for usage, along with consumption reports, so that the fleet savings can be compared for both financial and environmental impact compared to the previous fossil fuelled vehicles within their fleet.

case studies

John Lewis

EV Charger Installation at 3 John Lewis & Partners Locations ⚡️ ♻️

Paul Earl have undertaken the installation of a number of electric vehicle chargers at 3 different locations for our key client.

Project Requirements:
The key requirement for the client on these chargers was the ability to charge the vehicles at a fast rate, and as such Paul Earl have deployed both AC and DC charging at the sites. The AC chargers utilised were the Easee 22kw variant, and for DC we have installed the Schneider EVD 24Kw models.

Key Features:
Working alongside our backend software partner, Flexible Power Systems, these chargers enabled the charging patterns of the vehicles, along with real world usage data, to be modelled for journey scheduling and planning. Full RFID authorisation limits the usage of the chargers to only those the client wishes to have access.

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